CORPOINT Needs Your Help

As you review the information on this website and other sources about CORPOINT, it becomes clear that we are focused on veterans and ensuring each person who earned the educational benefits from serving this nation takes full advantage of them.

It's great news when we talk to a veteran who is a success today, because of the education they received through his or her veterans education benefits.

It is also equally sad when a veteran served our great nation and failed to reach his or her potential by sitting on the sidelines while other succeed through the GI BILL and other opportunities.

If your life was improved through your education enhanced by the GI Bill, CORPOINT provides a grand means to "pay it forward" by assisting the members in our effort.

There are many ways you can assist.

Tax deductible contributions
Serving as a direct member of the operation team
Becoming a Career Advocate
Recruiting veterans into the CORPOINT Process.
Awaking a veteran to benefits they have available
or just spreading the word.

Complete the form below to express your interest and submit it to CORPOINT. A member will be contacting you soon.

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If you are interested in assisting in this effort, please send us an email or call us.

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You can also complete the form to the right and submit it to CORPOINT