The GI Bill and other similar grants and funding sources are there for the veteran and even his or her family in many cases.  

CORPOINT is not a government agency nor affiliated with any company, business, or institution.

There is no small print with the services we offer to veterans. Corpoint Members will talk with you and assist as you begin thinking about your future. The decision and directions you choose are all yours.

We have a network of career advocates which can assist you to explore different pathways.

We have made contact with veteran organizations, colleges, and schools that work with veterans to ensure you obtain maximum benefits.

You must remember you earned this benefits as you served our nation. Making good decisions now will ensure life long benefits to you and your family

Since there is no commitment or obligation, what do you have to lose?

The simple form below will give us information to begin the process.

There is no label on this chart, but it can represent so many topics.

  • Income level due to education and carrer choices
  • Chance of obtaining the right job using the advanced information
  • The increase in spending power you have at the completion of your journey
  • Self-satisification level
  • Pride you and your family have in your accomplishment

The list can go on.

None of this will happen unless you take the first step by completing the form below and submitting it to CORPOINT.

There is absolutely NO obligation nor cost for using CORPOINT.

We believe in giving a hand up to Veterans.