Program Element Descriptions
Each basic step of the process is defined in the description. The process is refined as more experience is developed. 



Once out of the service, many veterans are not sure how they are going to become involved in something which enables them to be productive and happy.

This applies not only to young men and women who have just a few years of service and who need to find a satisfying career, but also to those who have spent a significant portion of their adult lives serving their country and either need to find a second career or something to fulfill them in their retirement years.

Having a purpose is an important part of adjusting to life as a civilian.

Lacking that purpose can lead to a host of problems from difficulties in relationships to suicide.

This is a complex issue but we believe participating in formal education can be a significant factor in helping the veteran to identify and pursue his or her purpose.
Many times the process of choosing a career, a school, enrolling and finding financial aid is very daunting and there are more than a few individuals who just give up. Our goal is to establish and carry out a process which will help the veteran explore different job or hobby areas, identify the right goal, find necessary financing and participate in an educational program to help reach this goal.
Our process needs to overcome a series of problems which can block the veteran from attaining his/her goal.
These include:
  • The veteran doesn’t always take initiative to find out what is available to them
  • The veteran Is overwhelmed by the substantial number of choices
  • The veteran Is not motivated to make a change
  • The veteran doesn’t have clear goals
  • The veteran doesn’t have confidence in him or herself
  • The veteran doesn’t think he/she can succeed in a course
  • The veteran doesn’t understand how education can benefit them
  • The veteran just hasn’t thought about it
  • The veteran has physical problems which would interfere
  • The veteran has mental problems which would interfere
  • The veteran may not know about available funding

Making It Happen

The Process

You're always had the power, you just has to learn it for yourself.

The Wizard of Oz

The first thing we must do is get information including:
  • What are veteran's educational benefits?
  • What programs are available at area schools?
  • What financial aid is possible and how can it be accessed?
  • What is the process a veteran must follow at each school?
  • What physical accommodations are available for handicapped individuals?
  • What support is available for mental health?

As there are many schools in the area as well as others available on the Internet, this will be an ongoing process.  Our intent is to maintain a database that summarizes this information as well as identifies individuals tasked with serving veterans

The process we will use with each veteran will be to:
  • Provide counseling on the benefits of formal education
  • Review service records which show work experience and comparable civilian jobs.
  • Find out interests, needs and goals using various assessment processes.
  • Help identify possible careers/hobbies
  • Provide information about specific educational programs
  • Match the veteran to appropriate schools
  • Develop a written educational plan including measurable milestones
  • Help overcome any blocks to education (for instance physical, transportation, funding etc.)
  • Put veteran in contact with the veteran representative at the chosen school
  • Provide support during program
  • Measure satisfaction and program success using interviews and tracking completion of milestones
Each of our associates will be trained to carry out the above processes