The following questionnaire is created to allow CORPOINT to obtain some key information about your organization that we can share with the veteran prior to him or her contacting you.

CORPOINT is all about helping the veteran take advantage of the benefits they earned by serving our nation.

CORPOINT does not charge nor obligate the veteran or any qualified family member to any contract or binding agreement.

We are not in competition with any educational institution or establishment. Our main objective is to encourage the veteran to understand the educational benefits they may have, the scope or what they have earned, and how to begin the journey.

An interview with the veteran is conducted by a trained CORPOINT coach to develop an understanding of the veteran and his or her career and educational direction.

CORPOINT has compiled information about many of the institutions and organizations in our area that assist veterans obtaining the advanced education they are seeking.

We do not endorse any organization but will assist the veteran to understand what is available.

The veteran then will contact the school, organization, or Veterans Affairs officer to assist them in their quest.

Having the contact information for your organization will greatly assist Corpoint in identifying the appropriate schools for the veterans in our program.  

Veterans' Advisors's' Email
Organization's Veterans's Web Page if available
Veteran's Program Advisor's Name
Are there veteran's programs in place? If so, please provide a link to that information.
Veterans' Advisor's Phone Number
Educators / Administrators Questionnaire
Is there a veteran's advisor whom we may contact? If so please complete the following
Do you have written material available for veterans.? Financial aid, program descriptions, etc.
Is there financial assistance available for veterans?
Are there online programs available?