Career Advocate Process
Just reading about a potential career or seeing it from the outside may leave unanswered questions. As part of the Corpoint Process, the veteran can visit professional and experienced members of the community who have extensive knowledge of their potential career choice. This discussion will answer those question and alleviate some concerns or even identify a new direction is needed. The more information the veteran has, the chance of success increases.

Some basic information shared by the Career Advocates should include:
Educational requirements
Key personal factors needed to be successful
Impacts on the family
Positive impact on the community and individuals
Major challenges
Need for continual education
Certificates or certifications required
Internships in the Career
Growth potential
Salary range
The Career Advocate will be able to answer other questions the veteran may have regarding the potential career choice.
The current career advocates include: 
Personal Investment Coach
Owner of a Wellness Center focused on Acupuncture & Massage Therapy
Owner of Trucking Company
Nonprofit Directors
Owner of a Restaurant and Chef
Industrial Safety Director
Business Consultant
Heating and Ventilation system
Owner and Manager of a Design and Printing Business.
Car Sales Agent
The goal is to provide the veteran with information about their potential career. What a wonderful opportunity for us all.
The veteran and the career advocate may meet once or multi times based on the needs and future direction.
The Career Advocate does not replace the veteran's coach but does serve as an additional resource.
Interest in becoming a Career Advocate
Career Interest or Experience