Helping Veterans Soar

Our Mission

We are an organization of veterans and advocates whose mission is to provide free services to help veterans improve the quality of their lives. Our primary objective is the help veterans who have not been able to navigate the complexity of the educational and funding system. This has a positive impact on the veteran, the family, and the community.

Current Providers

Statement of the Problem

There are many organizations in Western North Carolina serving veterans in a large variety of ways and at many various levels. We are committed to identify details of these services and establish relationships with the caregivers.

Even if they were successful in the military, all individuals getting out must readjust to civilian life in order to live up to their full potential.
The military is very structured and makes most decisions for the individual.  In addition, many veterans have experienced physical and/or mental trauma which continue to seriously affect them.

All of this creates unique challenges which must be overcome if the veteran is to truly soar.  They must create their own structure, set and pursue their own goals, and overcome effects of any trauma they experienced.  Many veterans are able to do this on their own but there are many who need support.

Fortunately, the current culture is very supportive of veterans and much is being done to provide this needed assistance.  Even so, numerous veterans in Western North Carolina continue to have challenges trying to soar.  Our purpose is to provide unique services which help them by offering a hand up and not a handout.

Services which veterans may need to have a truly happy and productive civilian life fall into several categories. We are focused on the educational aspects of the veteran and will assist the veteran to identify sources for other needs:
  • Health care
  • Mental health care
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Legal
  • Social


We recognize all veterans have given a portion of their lives to the military and this creates a very strong common bond.

Veterans feel much more comfortable interacting with other veterans.  In order to take advantage of this, our organization will be staffed by veterans and veteran advocates. 


We will continuously measure our success and use the results both to improve our processes and demonstrate to others how we are making a difference.  This includes:
  • Pre-post testing 
  • Self-assessment
  • Client interviews
  • Professionally recognized measures applicable to our services
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