Gage Hampton( front), a veteran participating in the Corpoint process, and members of the Corpoint Team 

American Legion Post NC 77 Donates $300 to

Jerry Baggish, American Legion Post,  presents a check to Fred Burnham 

Special Thanks to all the members of American Legion Post NC 77 and the generous contribution to Corpoint. This donation will greatly assist Corpoint as we assist veterans in their quest to a brighter future.

Iannucci's Supports Veteran's Education

10% Tuesday

John Iannucci has long supported the community when he donates 10% of his Tuesday sales to assist local organizations in their effort.

A very thanks to the people at Iannucci's for supporting the community and veterans. through their 10% Tuesday Donation to Corpoint.



The Journey Continues

Gage Hampton who was featured in the recent Bold Life article, continues to excel in the journey to a successful future. Gage's progress at AB Tech continues to be on track for graduation along with other personal objectives.

On Friday, December 8, Gage advanced to Level 3 at Veterans Treatment Court which indicates he has met all the strict requirements as outlined in his plan created by Judge Pope and Kevin Rumpley. Each level achieved indicates Gage is advancing toward his high goals and ambitions.

Corpoint and his Coach, Fred Burnham, are so proud of the effort and results of this young man. Gage's future represents what can happen when veterans are given a second chance and the support and encouragement to help ensure success happens.

Fred Burnham demonstrated his sincere dedication to the Corpoint cause and Gage. It was snowing Friday morning with a forecast of snow all day. Fred made the trip from Hendersonville to Asheville in challenging weather because of the pride and friendship he has in Gage, and the belief he has in Veterans Treatment Court and Corpoint.

When Corpoint was formed, Fred said, "If we can make a difference in a single veteran's life, we will be a success". With effort like this, success is assured.

Kevin Rumpley (left), Gage (center), and Judge Pope (right) stand in the Veterans Treatment Court following Gage's Award Ceremony.

Honorable Marvin P. Pope, Jr., Resident Superior Court Judge, stands with Gage Hampton in celebration of the event. Special thanks to Judge Pope for creating hope for veterans who were searching.
Kevin Rumpley, VTC Coordinator, (left) and Gage Hampton proudly display Gage's advancement. 
Gage Hampton shares his story with over 200 veterans at the Veterans Restoration Quarters

Corpoint  Addresses a Group of Over 200 Veterans at Veterans Restoration Quarters (VRQ)

Providing Choices for American Veterans

Cliff Marr, a founding member of Corpoint, and Gage Hampton, an Army Veteran utilizing the Corpoint services, presented the fundamental concepts and benefits of Corpoint during a meeting at VRQ.

Gage told his story and the positive impact VRQ, Veterans Treatment Court, and Corpoint is having in his life. It was inspiring to hear this young man describe where he was, what he is doing with his educational opportunity, and the new future and dreams he now has. Gage acknowledged Corpoint and his Corpoint Coach Fred Burnham for the guidance and support he receives to navigate the system and stay on course. Hats off to these outstanding veterans. 

Representatives from Diamond Brand Products and Arden Presbyterian Church also gave presentations and demonstrated their support for the veteran community. 

The scope and depth of services provided VRQ is remarkable. As Cliff Marr stated to all the veterans attending, " You are not alone and we are united as Veterans.".


Gage shares some information with his Corpoint Coach, Fred Burham, prior to his presentation. Fred and Gage have formed a strong bond and partnership that is filled with both encouragement and challenges. 
Gage provided inspiration to fellow veterans at the VTQ.
Part of the crowd attending the VRQ meeting
For more information about Veterans Restoration Quarters spend a few minutes reviewing their website at

As illustrated by the above picture, the sheer numbers of veterans involved and the impactfulness of each veteran's story identifies the need for compassion and believing that No Veteran Needs To Be Left Behind.
Cliff Marr presented a message of hope and opportunity to the veterans 

Published in Bold Life Magazine - November, 2017
  Bold Life - It Happens in Hendersonville

Operation Education
By Norm Powers
Photo by - Matt Rose

Gage Hampton (front), who served in Afghanistan, returned to school with the help of Corpoint, a new nonprofit organization that helps veterans make the most of their educational opportunities after transitioning to civilian life. Corpoint was founded by (from left to right) Richard Starkweather, Jerald Wright, Fred Burnham and Cliff Marr. Photo by Matt Rose

Local veterans honored at BRCC

By Andrew Mundhenk Times-News Staff Writer Posted at 8:07 PM Updated at 9:29 PM

First to speak at the ceremony was retired Armor Officer Cliff Marr, who served in the U.S. Army from 1966 to 1977 and led the Commanded Armored Cavalry Troop in Vietnam from 1969 to 1970. He also served in Korea, Germany, and the United States.

Marr is a founding member of CORPOINT, an organization that assists veterans seeking formal education solutions and funding.

Marr thanked veterans young and old as well as nonveterans in the room, saying it takes both veterans and nonveterans working together to make America work. It’s always been that way, he added.

“We have a lot of people in the room who have served in different, but meaningful ways,” said Marr. “It’s important to understand that America has grown and prospered through the type of unity that’s expressed in this group today.”

Marr’s message centered on unity. He said that while we may not agree on every topic, decision or action taken in this country, our individual desire is for the benefit of the county. It’s for all those reasons the American soldier, sailor, marine, and airman have fought, sacrificed and, too often, died.

“We may not agree with each other on how to reach that,” said Marr. “But it’s significant that we, No. 1, are able to express ourselves and, No. 2, that we’re able to pursue the benefits of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness because that is a very important part of why we are Americans.”

The Veterans Day ceremony was sponsored by the BRCC Student Government Association with East Henderson High Junior ROTC cadets presenting the colors.
July 1, 2017 marks a milestone in the CORPOINT, Inc history. The letter all members have been anticipating arrived and designated CORPOINT , Inc as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. This event marks the conclusion of months of organizing, planning, and challenging work by all team members. It also signifies the beginning of a lifelong effort to support veterans as each seeks to improve his or her life through education and personal development. Special thanks to all who assisted in this initial effort. We would like to give special recognition to Pisgah Legal for their guidance and support


Contact us at
Or phone 828-388-5362


Initial Focus

Educational Oportunities

There is an opportunity to locate veterans who have fallen through the cracks and help them toward fulfilled lives. Our marketing efforts will be aimed at four distinct groups:
  • Veterans
  • Organizations that can provide support to our efforts
  • Veteran service organizations 
  • Schools and educational centers that support veterans  

Our initial target area is Western North Carolina. According to the Veterans Administration, the estimated veteran population of this area is over 50,000. 

Our first objective is education. We will help the veteran identify appropriate educational goals either to prepare them for a career or if they are retiring to enjoy their leisure activities. By establishing a comprehensive data base of schools, financial resources and application procedures our aim is to smooth the waters and guide the veteran through the process while overcoming any barriers.  There is no other organization in the area that is providing this service.
Even if they were successful in the military, all individuals getting out must readjust to civilian life to live up to their full potential.  By providing free services not available in other places we will help the veteran set and attain goals which will propel them to a satisfying and productive life.
We will provide a hand up not a handout.

The Journey

Corpoint provides counseling on the benefits of formal education and how to begin.
The following techniques are used in the process.
Review service records which show work experience and comparable civilian jobs.

Find out interests, needs, and goals using various assessment processes.

Help identify possible careers/hobbies

Provide information about specific educational programs

Match the veteran to appropriate schools

Develop a written educational plan including measurable milestones

Help overcome any blocks to education (for instance physical, transportation, funding etc.)

Put the veteran in contact with the veteran representative at the chosen school

Provide support during program

Measure satisfaction and program success using interviews and tracking completion of milestones.
Each of our associates will be trained to carry out the above processes

CORPOINT Can Assist  You  in  Making the Right Decision

If interest in more information fill out the following and submit
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